Toronto Diary
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Kim Kardashian is the new Rebecca Black

Hey, remember how everyone’s favourite Wookiee prostitute Kim Kardashian made a sex tape, in which she let Brandy’s brother pee all over her, and used it to build herself a career as a whore? And remember how she then tried to convince everyone that she wasn’t a whore because she didn’t sign the release forms or provide the necessary ID to release a sex tape commercially?

Well, keep that in mind when you watch slutty Kim Kardashian’s slutty music video preview for her slutty single, which will inevitably be played in slutty clubs because slut slut slutty slutterson. Shockingly, it’s just her crawling around on all fours with her ass, which is covered in what I’m assuming is pee, in the air. And she is a celebrity for it. Thanks, E!

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