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Kingston community rallies around lesbian couple targeted by anti-gay hate mail

Last week, anti-gay hate mail was sent to a lesbian couple by an anonymous anti-gay group, and subsequently posted on Reddit for the world to see. The letter threatened the couple with physical and mental violence is they didn't leave the city immediately, and even claimed that they would be "hunted" by younger members of the group.

According to CBC, in light of the hate, members of the Kingston community have rallied around partners Susan Belyea and Karen Dubinsky and countered the threats of violence with an outpouring of positive messages and letters.

A lesbian couple in eastern Ontario says a card of support received on Monday more than compensates for some threatening letters they got last week.

"It's like a symphony of love here, it's crazy," said Susan Belyea, after two rallies were held over the weekend to show support for her and her partner Karen Dubinsky.

[ . . . ] Dubinsky said there's no way they'd leave after the weekend rallies and the massive card full of well-wishes they received on Monday.

One of the great things about people is that, when given the chance to do something good, most of them will take it. In this case, they saw the oppotunity to fight hate with love and they used it to support a loving couple.

It remains to be seen whether the group who originally sent the letter will actually follow up on their threats, but at the very least, it good to know that Belyea and Dubinsky have the community to support them and help them stay safe.