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Kingston Pride communications director resigns over leaked email

The director of communications for Kingston Pride has reportedly resigned, after an email he wrote saying that a coalition of community and trans groups should leave their “anger at home” was leaked online.

Bill Seymour now confirms that he was the author of that email.

“My intent was to convey that we did not want anyone promoting hate propaganda during a parade of celebration,” Seymour writes in a statement to Daily Xtra.

“If any group took exception to my post which was clearly taken out of context then I profusely apologize and just to make members of your group happy, I am resigning from Kingston Pride and will no longer have any commitment with the gay/trans gender etc community.”

Earlier on June 12, Daily Xtra reported that Kingston Pride had come under fire by trans community members who were upset that members of the executive committee had said they would not allow any “angry” signs to be displayed at the Kingston Pride Parade on June 13.

In his original email, Seymour wrote, “I can’t believe this woman has the audacity to place herself and her group in the parade with a total political agenda. The Village Fair and the parade is an opportunity for gay members of this community to show that they are proud of who they are without any political agenda.”

The email leaked after group members began voicing concerns online.