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Kip Noll

Remember the first twink pornstar?

It’s one of those harsh truths that no one really wants to accept: vintage porn was kind of terrible. Films had the herky-jerk motion of old Charlie Chaplin movies, soundtracks all sounded like they were pulled straight out of failed sitcoms, and grooming was non-existent. I like a nice set of pubes as much as the next guy, but there’s a fine line between a manly bush and, “Holy shit, why does your cock look like Cat Stevens’ face?”

But porn back in the ’70s wasn’t just a means to an orgasmic end; it was an art form meant to empower and to sexually satisfy a group of people society had rendered voiceless. It was as much a tool for arousal as it was a refuge of sorts for a disenfranchised group forming a collective identity. Pornstars like Kip Noll weren’t just pretty people we could project our sexual desires and frustrations on; they were sexual revolutionaries.

In the grand scheme of things, Kip Noll got something of a raw deal. He was the first legitimate twink superstar to emerge, a flip-fucking, boyish, horse-hung fucker burning up the sleazy screen back before Brent Corrigan was a sperm swimming around inside his father’s ball sack. His boyish good looks made him a regular fixture in legendary director William Higgins’s career, propelling him to relative fame and fortune.
Noll wasn’t just a twink. He was the twink. For all intents and purposes, he is to this day the gold standard by which all twinks are judged. He had the lean, well-defined musculature of the all-American surfer boy, with shaggy blond hair, a smooth ass, a huge cock and a set of dick-sucking lips that could suck a golf ball through a hose. He was so popular, other actors were cast as his brothers… Well, brothers he routinely fucked and sucked. It was basically like what would happen if The Aristocrats were real.
But of course, not everyone gets an easy ride. After his retirement, Noll married a woman and sired three daughters before dying tragically young, at the age of 43, on May 21, 2001. Although there’s speculation about this: much like Elvis, some claim he’s still alive, although his obituary claims otherwise.
Sadly, Noll’s legend was more or less lost in the annals of gay porn history. Despite what he did to lay the groundwork for gay porn as we know it, most young gays today have no idea who Noll is and aren’t aware of his work on the forefront of gay sexual liberation. Considering that the average gay guy has an infinite array of porn at his fingertips, it helps to appreciate that in a time when gay sexuality was relegated to sticky video booths and shoe boxes, men like Noll were ready and willing to put their asses (among other things) on the line for us.
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