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Kiss and Tell at Lush stores for US marriage equality

Canadian locations stage event in solidarity with queer Americans

Cosmetic chain Lush is standing up for marriage equality in the US by staging Kiss and Tell protests at its US and Canadian locations this Saturday morning (June 18) at 11:38am, in conjunction with the US Freedom to Marry organization.

A press release for the event notes that under the US Defense of Marriage Act, gay and lesbian couples are denied 1,138 rights, responsibilities and protections that straight married couples enjoy.

Although Canadian gays have the right to marry, all Canadian locations are participating to show solidarity.

Those who show up at the Kiss and Tell will be given postcards that they can mail to the US federal government, telling them to end discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Tracy James, who manages the Queen St W location in Toronto, says the store wants to create a huge presence with its protest.

“I am attempting to get a megaphone as we speak,” James says. “We’re in the works of signing off on having a DJ, and we’re having our staff bring in pictures of their loved ones that we’re framing and putting in the shop for customers to see.”

Starting June 13 and running for two weeks, all Lush locations are doubling as “campaign centres,” where people can learn about the US Freedom to Marry campaign. Lush will also be selling a limited edition Freedom Foamer Bubble Bar, with all proceeds going to Freedom to Marry.

“Lush believes that all of its employees, customers and communities across North America are valued and should be protected equally,” reads a press release. “Lush wants to end the ongoing discrimination against thousands of couples and families across America. This means everyone – gay and non-gay – having the freedom to marry, with the same responsibilities, dignity, security and expression of love and equality.”

Lush has 23 locations in Alberta, BC, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec.