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Klaus Burkart is Mr Gay World 2015

What this year’s winner has to offer

The Mister Gay World competition was recently held in Knysna, South Africa, and this year they crowned Klaus Burkart, a 21-year-old milk technician from Germany. Klaus in the house! Countries finishing in the top 5 this year were Iceland, Belgium, Finland, Germany and Hong Kong. Before you even try to look up Mr Gay Iceland, we’ve already done that for you, and his name is Troy Michael Jonsson. Look at the rest of them here.

“I have a vision of a future where coming out won’t be necessary,” Burkart said after his win. He calls this his #OneDay campaign, but we won’t fault him for that. Klaus didn’t win this competition for his visions of the future — he won for a smattering of other reasons. Some of which we’ve highlighted below.

1. Here is Klaus with clothes on: a tank top, and some very friendly eyebrows.

2. Hello. Klaus will now take you down the elevator to your final destination.

3. Here is Klaus, in his previous role as a twink.

4. So playful and carefree — Klaus doesn’t just work out in the gym, he likes to go hard on the beach as well.

5. I actually have no idea what’s going on here, but Klaus obviously loves a good theme party or a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

6. Gym selfie!

7. Klaus for the win! A photo by Vernondo Boshoff at the Mr Gay World competition after Klaus’s victory. Just look at this room packed with handsome.

Congrats Klaus! Here’s a video interview between Mr Gay Australia and the man of the hour talking about the big win. Hubba hubba!