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Korean conspiracy, the Champs-Élysées and gay Devonshire

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Murdered french policeman was gay rights champion

A French police officer killed in a terrorist attack in Paris’ Champs-Élysées on Thursday was a proud defender of gay rights. As a member of France’s association for LGBT police officers, he protested against Russia’s ban on “homosexual propaganda”, and was also known for volunteering to help Greek police handle immigrant refugees.

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Korean army hunting down gay soldiers

After a video of two gay soldiers having sex was uploaded to the internet, the Korean army is reportedly working to trick other gay soldiers into revealing their sexual orientation. Military service is mandatory in Korea, and homosexuality is illegal under the military code of conduct.

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Nigeria arrests 53 over gay wedding

Nigerian police have say they have arrested 53 men who attended a gay wedding for “belonging to a gang of unlawful society.” The men who were being married — a crime in Nigeria — managed to escape.

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Chechen men flee gay crackdown

The New York Times and the BBC have fresh reporting from Chechnya, where men suspected of being gay are being hunted down by authorities. A crackdown on gay men in the Russian region has turned into two weeks of entrapment, detention and torture.

Mapping gay Britain

The UK’s Office of National Statistics has, for the first time, mapped the country’s gay population. The map reveals surprising details, such as apparent enclaves of gay people in some rural areas.