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Kristen Becker takes on Homo Night in Canada

Bold, brash, funny as hell

Kristen Becker has been making people laugh for more than 10 years with her blend of brash and personal humour, both north and south of the border. The Buffalo-born comic got her training at Humber College and has frequently returned to Toronto for appearances, such as her upcoming slot in Homo Night in Canada.

“I love Canadian audiences,” Becker says. “I had to adjust a little to the politeness, but gay Canadians are pretty boisterous.”

Much of Becker’s material comes from her own life, though she can’t help throwing in some commentary on current events from time to time.

“I get stuff by just being observant about life. I go anywhere from talking about my girlfriend to suddenly having an opinion about politics. I don’t necessarily know what I’m talking about, but I do it with conviction. If you speak from the diaphragm, it sounds like wisdom.”

Becker’s family moved from Buffalo to Louisiana when she was still little; she returned to Buffalo as an adult. As you can imagine, it was quite a cultural shift, but she says there are pluses and minuses on both ends of the geographical spectrum.

“I’m really kind of a half-breed. I just wish we could get the hospitality of the Southern US and blend it with the equality of the north. We’re either really progressive and rude, or we’ll bring you a pie but don’t think you should raise kids.”

There have been a few bumps along the road. Becker’s Dykes of Hazard tour pulls in big crowds, but it can also attract some unwelcome attention when it rolls into town.

“We had our tires slashed in Baton Rouge,” Becker says. “But I don’t know if it was because of Dykes of Hazard or because I had New York plates.”