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L3MON unveils new video

Diamond masks and long hair make ‘Boy’ a great watch

L3MON’s video for “Boy.”


A good music video can make or break a song. Taking a well-loved track and pairing it with artistic, emphatic visuals takes a song you love to an entirely new field of enjoyment and understanding. (I mean, how could you know “Booty” was about the tale of two butts yearning to touch one another if you don’t watch the video?)

They can be pretty on the nose (see: “Booty”), but now and then there’s a special video that comes along. Enigmatic L3MON’s newest video, for “Boy,” is just that kind of clip: perfectly encompassing of the artist while bringing a new layer to an already fantastic song. But let’s look past artistic integrity for a second to talk about what really matters.

That man with the diamond mask — so creepy, but so hot, right? Granted, this is doing “Boy” a disservice: it’s a great story about accepting your inner demons rather than taking out aggression on other hapless victims.

But, damn. And the way he can handle a switchblade? Yes. Unfortunately, fancy blades don’t do much when you have My Girl–level reactions to bees.

Thankfully — unlike that useless, no-good Vada — our long-haired beauty knows how to use an EpiPen (blue to the sky, orange to the thigh, boys and girls). And so, our burly gay-mafia thug lives to hug out his drag persona for another day.

Crazy Elizabeth Taylor masks aside, “Boy” is, simply, a fantastic tune. It’s not on point with the Summer of Butts trend we’ve entered, but hairy chests are timeless.