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Ladies’ Figure Skating

There have been a couple of performances by Canadian athletes this Olympics that encapsulate the true meaning of what it means to be a competitor and an artist. Joannie Rochette's performance last night, in light of her family tragedy, is one that Canadians will remember for years to come. Having lost my mother in 2001, in my eyes, Joannie's skate last night is worthy of a gold.

If you missed her last night, check it out courtesy of CTV here.

You should also check out CTV's YouTube page for videos of performances throughout the Games.

I'm sure and Canada's LGBT community are with me when I say: Own the podium, Joannie! Good luck Thursday!

Now, if you're considering getting out this weekend to celebrate the Closing Ceremonies, stop by Celebrities Nightclub. Here's a teaser from the video blog I'll be posting on Thursday covering the Freemason's night on February 13th:

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