Toronto Diary
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Lady Gaga is getting a Thanksgiving special

When you think of Thanksgiving, what do you think of? Turkey? Stuffing? The fact that it was actually a month ago because we live in the good country? (Sorry to my state-side readers, but . . . yeah. October is objectively better than November. We win that round.)

No! You think of Lady Gaga for no discernible reason! So ABC is giving the bitch her own one-hour special, because somewhere between cancelling Pushing Daisies and making Man Up! a thing they’re not even trying anymore. Someone probably sat down, realized that not even Charlie Brown could make a foothold in that sweet, lucrative Thanksgiving special market (humour me on this one) and decided, “Fuck it, I think Lady Gaga is still a thing that exists. Dress her up as a giant hand-turkey. This cocaine won’t pay for itself."

Here’s the video for “Yoü and I,” because I’m morally obligated to pronounce the umlaut, thus making me sound like a stroke victim. Thanks, Gaga. Thanks a lot.

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