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Lady Gaga is still annoying, and now it’s getting between me and Cher

This bitch!

Honestly, the past few months I’ve been in gay heaven because Lady Gaga has been out of the spotlight while recuperating from synovitis, which forced her to cancel the Born This Way Ball Tour, which was fine because no one gave a shit about it anyway: Madonna was on tour at the same time.

A long-ass time ago it was reported that Cher had recorded a duet with Lady Gaga called “The Greatest Thing,” written by Gaga and RedOne in 2007. Cher confirmed it, and fans have been harassing her on Twitter (follow her — the woman is fabulous and fucking funny), wondering when the song was going to drop. It was supposed to be the first single off Cher’s upcoming 26th album, but when @hausofdickie tweeted, “how bout the Greatest Thing feat. @ladygaga ? We’ve waiting for long time."

Cher replied, “U think You’ve Waited? It’s done & She doesn’t like it,or Want it to come out.She’s an ARTIST,it’s Up to Her.Im Disappointed 2."

Drop the little monster, Cher. As your performance of “Woman’s World” on last night’s The Voice finale and your upcoming New York Pride performance prove, you don’t need her!