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Lady Gaga wants your whiskey mouth all over her blonde south

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way dropped today, and I bought illegally downloaded it to see if it lived up to the whole self-proclaimed “album of the decade” hype. Since it’s only 2011, I think I’ll hold off on passing that particular judgment (although Britney’s record is better – so maybe I won’t).


Born This Way is a pioneering pop album that blends dance hits ("Fashion of His Love,” “Born This Way") reminiscent of ‘80s Madonna and Whitney with more Bon Jovi-esque rock ("Edge of Glory,” “You and I") and inventive electronica ("Government Hooker,” “Electric Chapel") comparable to the likes of Ladytron and Client. Lady Gaga’s acute vocal, songwriting, and production skills tie this album together flawlessly.

There is a religious theme throughout the record ("Judas,” “Bloody Mary,"“Black Jesus + Amen Fashion"), as well as a message of self-love and empowerment ("Hair,” “Bad Kids"). My favorite is “Bloody Mary” (below) because it evokes powerful imagery combined with a dark and romantic beat. Born This Way is an interesting record filled with a few surprises and a unique track list that will be sure to satisfy all you holy tools fools.

If you wanna get your monster on, head over to Celebrities on Saturday, May 28 for a Born This Way release party. Go-gos, performances by the House of Celebs dance group and, starting at 11pm, Gaga impersonations by Chantel and Jaylene Tyme. 

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