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‘Lake Shore’ got scrapped (side note: LOL)

Remember last year when the trailer for the Jersey Shore-inspired Lake Shore hit the web? You know the one: it was a reality show based in Toronto where a bunch of racist, drunken stereotypes were put together in a house and paid to be generally awful to each other? (Actually, now that I sound it out, I realize they just ripped off the premise of Drawn Together, only without the fiction, or the satire, or anything else watchable.)

Well guess what? Turns out no one actually wanted to put the show on the air so it got scrapped and will never see the light of day, and now the stars are sad because no one will be able to watch them drink and punch and hate. I know — what a bummer.

This month, the project died with a whimper. “I am sorry to say this, but it's over,” reads an email from producer Maryam Rahimi, sent to the show’s cast on Oct 2. Networks declined to pick the show up, she writes.

Cast members, back at their day jobs, have mixed feelings about their short-lived ride as reality TV celebrities-in-waiting.

“What do I say to people now?” asks Salem Moussallam — billed on Lake Shore as “The Lebanese” — who runs a designer consignment shop on Queen St W and says he auditioned to generate publicity for his business. “It’s been really embarrassing.” (Source)

… Seriously? That's the part you find embarrassing? Not the fact that because of the show, everyone thinks you and the rest of the cast of Lake Shore are racist alcoholic stereotypes, but the fact that now they can't see the proof? Oh for shit's sake.

Be HAPPY your show didn't make it on the air. Be HAPPY that what could have essentially been a nuclear arms race of terrible television never came to fruition. And also be thankful that now when people see you walking down the street, they won't recognize you as "The Lebanese," as you were boiled down to on the show.