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Lana Wachowski comes out as transgender

Meet Lana Wachowski.

Along with her brother, Andy Wachowski, she’s responsible for movies like The Matrix trilogy, V for Vendetta and the upcoming Cloud Atlas. And now, after years of speculation, Lana has finally come out as a trans woman, making her the first major Hollywood director to do so.

Lana, formerly known as Larry, has been transitioning from a man to a woman for years now, the Post also reported. This new clip for “Cloud Atlas,” starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, appears to be her first public appearance since transitioning. In the trailer, Lana introduces the film with her brother, Andy Wachowski, and director Tom Tykwer. (From HuffPo)

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Lana completed her reassignment surgery back in 2008 after finishing production on Speed Racer, which — yes, Speed Racer; that movie existed — which makes this the first time Lana has opened up about her transition. And honestly, good for her for officially coming out! It’s nice to see some trans-folk visibility working in a creative field, especially when they have the kind of talent that makes The Matrix happen.

That being said, the pink dreadlocks . . . I’m not the biggest fan of dreadlocks, but if you’re comfortable, run with it. 

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