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Last call

Jay Wagner – the executive producer of the annual Mr Leatherman Toronto bash – has stepped down after five years in charge.

“Currently I hold the position of secretary on the board of directors, and executive producer, and I’m stepping down from that position.”

Wagner is not leaving MLT altogether. “I’m staying on the board, and hopefully after the first annual general meeting, I will still say on the board, if I’m elected by the membership.”

Wagner has produced the MLT Contest show during a period of incredible growth. “This year we’re expecting the contest to bring in 800 to 1,000 people, and possibly up to 1,500 for the dance.”

Wagner says 1999 has been a watershed year for the organization, which produces the contest and shows, during which it incorporated and drafted by-laws.

The new executive director is Duncan McLaughlin.

And Mr Leatherman Toronto, chosen at the Nov 27 bash, is Estevan DeCastro.