Toronto Diary
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Laverne Cox delivers powerful keynote speech

Over the past week, from Jan 29 to Feb 2, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force held its annual Creating Change conference in Houston, Texas. Billed as “the largest gathering of activists, organizers and advocates in the LGBT community,” the conference hosted such guest speakers as Kate Clinton and Michael J Kaplan.

One of the biggest moments of the weekend came from Laverne Cox, the conference’s keynote speaker. After a month that saw her opening a dialogue on invasive questions and matters of personal privacy, Cox took to the stage to talk about the shifting status of trans representation in the media.

Cox also used her time to talk about CeCe McDonald, a symbol of tran rights as well as the subject of her upcoming documentary, and give shout-outs to other personalities, such as Candis Cayne and Carmen Carrera, thanking them for providing media visibility for trans women.

If you have a half hour to spare, give Cox’s speech a listen. It sucks when you’re one of the most prominent faces of a community, but when you have Cox’s grace and eloquence, at least you can make it look easy.