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Laverne Cox graces cover of Time

What a great way to start your birthday: by being on the cover of Time magazine.

That’s exactly how Laverne Cox started her birthday. Cox began her day by tweeting, “Thanks @Time for the lovely bday present, a cover story to highlight the profound issues trans people face everyday.”

The fact that Time would devote its cover story, entitled “The Transgender Tipping Point” (for subscribers only), to the lives of trans people — let alone placing a trans woman of colour on the cover — is a great and wondrous thing that is worth celebrating, celebrity birthdays notwithstanding. 

Time’s website also includes a piece entitled “Meet Transgender America,” a photo essay providing a snapshot into the lives of trans people from various walks of life. One notable individual in all of this is Cassidy Lynn Campbell, who is viewed as the first openly transgender homecoming queen in the US. The short video that accompanies the photos is notable for its portrayal of a young trans woman coming into her own, a life not often discussed or seen in mainstream media.