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Laying down the leadership rules

The NDP’s federal council meets here in
Ottawa tomorrow to determine the rules of their leadership contest, in advance
of their caucus retreat in Quebec City. At a press conference yesterday,
interim leader Nycole Turmel was emphatic that the party’s 2006 constitution
made it clear that the leadership selection rules are now solely one-member/one-vote, and that organized labour no longer has a weighted interest in the
leadership vote. Unlike the last time around, when Jack Layton was selected in

Here’s my look at the NDP leadership
candidates officially mulling the question to date.

Even Harper’s own Quebec senators aren’t
 with his choice of Angelo Persichilli as his new director of communications.

Britain’s move to lift its gay blood
donor ban
 to a 12-month deferral may signal a shift in Health Canada’s
thinking here; it looks like a five-year deferral is currently being

Former diplomats apparently don’t realize that the Canadian monarchy is a separate and unique institution from the
British monarchy, and that the Queen of Canada is a separate entity who just
happens to also be the Queen of England. Seriously, guys – it’s called civic
literacy. As diplomats, you should be cognizant of such things.

The government is about to announce that it's declaring Sept 11 a “National Day of Service” to
commemorate how Canadians opened their doors – and hearts – to
stranded air travellers after the terror attacks in the US.

Kady O’Malley outlines the rules that
have been laid down by Harper as to what his caucus can and cannot do during
all those provincial elections and leadership contests (ie – don’t become
the story).

And Susan Delacourt travels to Edinburgh
to look at the Scottish nationalist party that formed the government there.

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