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Layton’s next battle

you've no doubt heard, NDP Leader Jack Layton is taking a temporary leave of absence to battle a new type of cancer. He has recommended that newly elected Hull-Aylmer-MP Nycole Turmel be
named interim leader in his absence. The caucus will meet to discuss the issue Wednesday morning, followed by a decision from the party's federal council on Thursday. The party elected Turmel, who had no previous political
experience but was the national president of the Public Service Alliance of
Canada, “unanimously” as national caucus chair this
spring. The approved NDP talking point is that Turmel is 
the perfect person to take on the upcoming Conservative cuts because of her experience with fighting those terrible
Liberal cuts during the '90s. The party’s website already has her photo on it, touting her “experienced leadership.” Managing a caucus that is largely composed of first
timers with no political experience, as a first timer herself, is not the
same thing. And if Layton’s cancer takes a turn for the worse, there could be leadership bids brewing from the deputy leaders, Thomas Mulcair and Libby
Davies, as well as from other potential contenders. Turmel is likely going to have a huge
job ahead of her in the weeks, and possibly months, to come.

Here are the reactions from Prime Minister Harper, Liberal Leader Bob Rae and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

has a timeline of photos of Layton, which spans the last three months, and his deterioration is pretty shocking. (Caution: possible paywall.)

other news, the Conservatives announced that they are cracking down on cadmium in
children’s jewellery.

Cuts to
the already under-resourced RCMP External Review Committee mean even less
police oversight
 than we already have – and that’s not a good thing considering
some of the issues and organizational challenges the RCMP is currently facing.

And, over the weekend, we
had a low-profile royal visit as Prince Andrew was in the
Northwest Territories on a canoe trip.

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