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Learn to love Monday

Majestic Mondays, a new queer event, has landed on Ottawa's nightlife calendar

Jade London and Sapphire Champagne bartend at Majestic Mondays. Credit: Layla Cameron

A new queer event has hit Ottawa’s nightlife scene, transforming what the venue owners call a “straight nightclub” into a gay Monday-night party.

Ilon Tyan, owner of Mansion Nightclub, started the Majestic Mondays event because he says he felt disconnected from the community he used to work with when he was a DJ at Club Edge. “At Mansion we like to promote style; we like to promote fashion,” he says. “I felt like the gay scene would really appreciate it.”

The venue, however, will be unfamiliar to many in Ottawa’s queer community. “I feel like there is a bit of hesitance,” Tyan says. “Why is a straight bar doing a gay night? Out of a lot of other bars in Ottawa, we may be seen as more straight because we hold hip-hop events and stuff like that, which can be seen as anti-gay.”

Sapphire Champagne, who hosts Majesty Mondays, says that so far there has been positive feedback from the community. “The audience has been amazing, from students, industry staff, drag queens, local celebrities and everything in between. We are getting a good mix of people.”

Ottawa drag queen Jade London bartends the event.

“The challenge is always getting people out,” Champagne says. “Mondays are hard because people don’t necessarily think of Mondays as fun. We are going to change that.” — Layla Cameron