Toronto Diary
1 min

Leather and Laughter

As I’m sure you know, the leather community is known for its sense of humour and its willingness to not take itself too seriously. Hey, sticks and stones may break your bones, but chains and whips will strip the fucking skin right off your back, and if you can handle that, you can handle a joke. Anyway, tomorrow night is the Heart of the Flag Foundation’s annual Leather and Laughter event at Goodhandy’s, featuring Christina Walkinshaw, Marc Trinidad and me.

Yes, tomorrow night is my standup comedy debut. If you like me, come and support me! If you hate me, come watch me fail in front of a live audience and laugh as I’m hoisted by my own petard. Either way, you get a good show. So remember: tomorrow, 8 o’clock at Goodhandy’s at 120 Church St. First hundred people get hugs!

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