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Leave Bruce Jenner alone

Since splitting with his wife Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner has been the focus of media attention, suggesting that the reason he and Kris are no longer living together is because he intends to transition to a woman.

Rumours started appearing in tabloids saying that Bruce liked to crossdress and wear women’s lingerie. 

Speculation was rife over Bruce’s physical image: his long hair, apparent nose jobs and reports that he plans on going under the knife to further change his look.

The gossip peaked late last year when a Los Angeles plastic surgeon, who had had a consultation with Bruce, revealed that one of the surgeries he was set to perform was chondrolaryngoplasty (or tracheal shave), to reduce the size of his Adam’s apple.

"I just never liked my trachea,” Bruce told TMZ when they asked why he wanted the procedure. He then cancelled the appointment. 

Today there’s a story appearing on several blogs about Bruce’s latest feminization — his hands. "Bruce Jenner Sports Long ‘Womanly’ Manicure — A New Sign of His TRANSformation?" is the story on Radar Online, one of many indecent headlines on the web offering the latest “proof” of Bruce’s transition.

As someone who understands celebrity culture, works in media and plays his part perpetuating the soap opera many celebrities call lives, I get it. We don’t treat celebs like people, we treat them like characters and feel entitled to exploit them. They get the money; we get the bitching rights.

But in the case of Bruce Jenner, I think it prudent to take a step back. If he is transgender (which is a big if, since he so far has denied all allegations), then let him come out on his own terms without the whole world feeling invited to his doctor’s appointments. 

Compassion is a hard thing to have for reality-TV stars, but just try to put yourself in Bruce’s shoes — and to not care if they’re sneakers or stilettos.