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Lesbian accents, Gawker gossip and drag queen drama

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Gawker editors resign over pulled gay-outing story 

Gossip site Gawker is going through a full meltdown over the publication and subsequent removal of a story claiming that a male Condé Nast media executive (who is married to a woman) tried to pay for sex with a gay porn star. Many staff at Gawker apparently objected to the story because it outed a man for no good reason, but two editors objected even more to the story being pulled due to advertising pressure, and quit in disgust. 

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Glasgow pride event bans cis-gendered drag queens

Scottish LGBT group Glasgow Free Pride, an “anti-commercialist” alternative to conventional pride, has banned performances by cis-gendered drag queens to avoid causing offense to trans people. Initially, the group banned all drag performances, before trans drag queens pointed out that they were more offended by not being able to perform than by sharing the stage with cis drag queens. 

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Meet the gay man with 10 children through sperm donation

Kenzie Kilpatrick, a UK gay man, has helped produce 10 children for lesbian couples through sperm donation, but he says he’s finally ready to stop. Kilpatrick donates sperm unpaid to couples he meets over the internet, and says he believes in lesbian families because of his appreciation for his own single mother.

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Chinese gay apps fight for supremacy

Only a few years ago, China’s first gay app entrepreneur struggled to keep his work online. Now, he faces the opposite problem: competition from local start-ups, and expansion from established overseas brands such as Grindr. With a more open internet, China’s gay dating business is finally heating up.

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Is there a lesbian voice?

We’ve all heard about the gay voice, especially with the recent release of the documentary Do I Sound Gay, about the familiar tones of the gay man. But is there a lesbian equivelant? At the New Statesman, Eleanor Margolis writes on on what makes lesbians sound like they do.

European court: Italy must recognize gay couples

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Italy violated the rights of gay couples by refusing them marriage or civil unions. Italy is the only Western European country with no legal recognition of gay couples, though the Italian government says it will propose civil union legislation later this year. 

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