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Lesbian baking, Walmart and Viking sperm

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Baking star Ruby Tandoh comes out

UK food columnist and Great British Bake Off winner Ruby Tandoh has come out as gay. Tandoh made headlines when tabloid writers guessed she had a relationship with Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood. After coming out, Tandoh replied to the rumours sharply: “ps for those who thought I fancied Paul Hollywood or that I’d ever bang him to get ahead – JOKE’S ON YOU, YOU MASSIVE SHITTING MISOGYNISTS.”

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UK lesbians order abroad for Danish sperm

A UK lesbian couple spent over $24,000 to import Danish sperm so that their baby could be blonde haired and blue eyed like them. The couple ordered from a company that offers Nordic sperm with the slogan, “Congratulations, it’s a Viking!”, offering donations for UK couples unsatisfied with local sperm quality.

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How Walmart came to the gay side

Forty years ago, when Walmart was a fledgling company, gay employees lived in the closet and feared immediate firing if they were exposed. Today, the company is urging the governor of Arkansas to protect gay rights. At Quartz, Matt Phillips and Shelly Banjo go through America’s largest private employer’s journey from villain to ally.

France keeps gay blood ban

France’s National Consultative Ethics Committee has decided to keep a law banning gay and bisexual men from giving blood. The president of the organization said there were uncertainties about the safety of blood from gay men, and that “giving blood is not a right. What matters most is the health and the protection of the receiver.”

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India blocks film for lesbian romance

India’s censorship board has blocked a film showing a love story between two women. The movie Unfreedom tells the story of a young woman who runs away from an arranged marriage to be with her female lover. The board said the film was too likely to “ignite unnatural passions.”

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