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Lesbian comedian discusses what counts as sex

So apparently, there are people out there who think that lesbian/gay sex isn’t real. No, seriously. Fake sex. As if gay men and women have just been tricking each other into orgasming for years. That’s right: every time you came, you were really just bamboozled by your partner, the cad!

Thankfully, Arielle Scarcella of GirlfriendsTV, is here to set the record straight! And don’t worry, chances are you’ve been having sex correctly this whole time!

Because ultimately, people have different ideas of what sex is, or should be. All that really matters is that you’re having the kind of sex you want to be having, with the people you want to be having it with. Even if that means being bamboozled into your climax. (Sorry, I really like that world. Bamboozle bamboozle bamboozle!)