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Lesbian film takes Cannes by storm

The Cannes film festival may be closing up shop in a few days, but there’s one movie that looks to be one of the breakout hits. La Vie D’Adèle Chapitres 1 et 2 (or as it’s known in English, Blue is the Warmest Colour) is not only receiving rave reviews for its touching screenplay and cinematography, but also because it features tons of hardcore lesbian sex scenes. Like, 10 minutes straight lesbian sex.

Though many entered Blue Is the Warmest Color out of perverse curiosity (I certainly did), what’s surprising about the film beyond its frank eroticism is just how much weight it gives to the messy reality of relationships and sexual identity. Adèle never definitively chooses women over men; she chooses Léa over all others. Their relationship falls apart because of subtle differences in social class and ambition, but their intense chemistry, as in so many failed relationships, lingers awkwardly in the air every time they interact; they can no more deny the forces that pulled them together than they can deny that they’re destined not to work out. The film’s subtitle, Chapitres 1 et 2, suggests that this is only the beginning of Adèle’s journey. It seemed clear by the end that nearly everyone in that audience hoped there would be more chapters to come. [SOURCE]

So it’s essentially a little bit of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a little bit of Brokeback Mountain, all topped off with a sprinkling of sapphism? I will totally Netflix this movie when it comes out. Or possibly see it at the Carlton Cinema on a Tuesday. I’m legitimately curious about this now. Every review I’ve read thus far seems to indicate that it treats its central couple in a humane and dignified fashion, even during the aforementioned sex scene. That’s a quality date night movie.