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Lesbian in Syria risks her life to blog

This really puts things in perspective for me. My biggest worry as a gay blogger is how to entertain the gays without posting about Lady Gaga every day, but that’s hardly life or death. Well, most of the time. Some of you little monsters are fucking quacked! But the point is, if my life was on the line just for writing these homolicious words – I don’t know if I’d do it.

Not all of us are as brave as Amina Abdullah, who has created the first and only gay blog in Syria, called A Gay Girl in Damascus. Homosexuality is illegal in Syria, but the brave blogger refuses to be submissive to her country’s laws and bigotry and has vowed to keep posting.

"The worst thing we face is our own fear,” Amina writes. “If we want to be free, we must first overcome our own worst enemy, which is the one within us. It is that fear that has allowed the dictators to rule; it is that fear that keeps us as Arabs, as Muslims, as women and as lesbians trapped. If we stop being afraid within ourselves, we can achieve freedom. The prison of our own minds is the darkest place."

Amina is in hiding right now because government officials want her arrested. During an interview with CBS News from her hideout, the 34-year-old revolutionary said, “I don’t want to go to prison, though I am not scared of it. I believe I can do more for Syria free inside Syria than as a martyr."

She’s right. Syria doesn’t need a martyr; it needs a hero – which is exactly what she is. 

Take a minute today and thank God or Gaga or whoever it is you worship for giving us a beautiful country like Canada where the gays can blog until their manicures start to chip – because baby, we were born this way!

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