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Lesbian lovechild

No, the press didn’t slip off register as it printed this page. This is multimedia artist Toni Latour’s depiction of the future of lesbian reproduction, sort of.

Latour’s new exhibit, The Family Project, looks at the possibility of creating queer offspring by merging lesbian genes — sans sperm donors.

The project was inspired by the Japanese mouse Kaguya, the first mammal born without the use of sperm.

“Her very existence is a beacon for the possibility of lesbian reproduction,” Latour maintains.

This image merges photos of Latour and her former partner Rina Larsson to show which traits they have in common (look at their eyes) and which ones they don’t.

Now imagine those traits swirled in a merged genetic pool.

It‘s “a unique opportunity to see what our potential child might have looked like as an adult,” Latour explains.