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Lesbian pantsuits, snaps from the past and the face of love

Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world

Taiwan elects pro-gay president

Tsai Ing-wen has been elected Taiwan’s first female president, and also the first to support LGBT rights. Before last year’s Taipei gay pride parade, she released a message: “In the face of love, everyone is equal. Let everyone have the freedom to love and to pursue their happiness. I am Tsai Ing-wen, and I support marriage equality.” Marriage equality legislation has been long stalled in the Taiwanese parliament, blocked by religious groups.

Read more at the Independent.

Images from the past

The New York Public Library has released a catalogue of thousands of photographs from gay history. Browse through some of the highlights at SBS.

Is Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit lesbian?

At Slate, Vanessa Urquhart suggests that Hillary Clinton’s trademark pantsuits echo lesbian style because they don’t cater to the male gaze. The internet, however, was quick to mock the idea that there is such thing as a lesbian dress code.

Sorry, not sorry

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Anglican Church says he’s sorry for the “hurt and pain” the church has inflicted on the LGBT community by sanctioning the US Episcopal branch for supporting gay marriage. The worldwide Anglican council voted to bar the Episcopal Church from all decision making powers over its pro-gay stance. Meanwhile, the head of the Episcopal church says he will not back down from supporting gays.

Chad Griffin speaks

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin spoke to the Washington Blade this week in an extended interview on everything from the military to marriage to trans visibility. Read part one here and part two here.