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Lesbian savagely beaten by girlfriend’s brother denies it was a hate crime

Mallory Owens with her girlfriend, Ally Hawkins. 

Over American Thanksgiving, Mallory Owens was brutally beaten at the home of her girlfriend, Ally Hawkins, in Alabama. The person responsible for the beating that left her with a broken nose, two black eyes, several lacerations and needing surgery to have metal plates put in her face, was Ally’s brother, Travis Hawkins Jr. 

Despite earlier claims that the attack was a hate crime, while talking to WKRG News 5, Owens said, “I’m okay, I’m good. Just a bad, bad night. A lot of things happened between us, but it doesn’t make me hate her brother. I don’t hate her family at all, or anyone for that matter."

"It’s not a hate crime at all,” Ally Hawkins said about the attack. “We both know the reasons why this happened, and it doesn’t make any excuses for him, I’m not defending him at all. I know why he was angry, and that will come out.”

Hawkins Jr was arrested and charged with second degree assault and released that same night after posting bail. His lawyer, James Byrd, is accusing the online community of jumping to conclusions about the violent act, which has forced his client to go into hiding after “fearing for his life."

"People get a story and go with it, and before it’s over it’s an entirely different animal,” Byrd said. “People have taken this and overreacted and made it something that it’s not."

Well, it’s kind of hard not to “overreact” after seeing the horrifying pictures of a beaten Owens, who was released from the hospital Tuesday, and is now back at the Hawkins’ home.

Mallory Owens, pictured in the hospital after the attack. 

The mug shot of Travis Hawkins Jr.