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Lesbian teens banned from prom, improvise with outdoor party

A Lexington, Kentucky, lesbian senior was banned from her own school prom when her Catholic school, Lexington Catholic High, refused to let her attend with her girlfriend. So what'd she do? Threw her own damn party, outside the school doors!

"What I experienced in the dean's office was blatant homophobia," Hope Decker told local station Lex18. "We were told that this school has Catholic principles, so they couldn't let it happen. I just think it's ridiculous that a school that claims to foster love and equality is doing something like this to its own students."

Decker's date, Tiffany Wright, said, "At first I was really upset. I mean, we both cried and then I was like, This is ridiculous. There's gotta be something we can do about this."

Impromptu gay-friendly party right outside the Catholic school's doors? Sounds like a solution, and probably a lot more fun, to me. No chaperons!

But the girls aren't stopping there; they've started a petition that they're sending to the school principal, president and bishop.

It's sad they were excluded from their rite of passage, but they didn't miss much. Just a bunch of girls in tacky dresses pretending they're princesses and boys wearing ill-fitting suits hoping to get laid. Well, when I put it that way . . . THEY WERE ROBBED!