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Lesbian TV, blogging burnout and prudish millennials

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Lesbian TV goes online

Sick of rare and cliched lesbian characters on TV, Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo created a YouTube channel for their own vidoes and sketches about lesbian culture. Now they’re producing their own feature film, backed on Kickstarter by their thousands of online lesbian fans. As conventional TV continues to disappoint, the two say, the web is taking over quality lesbian entertainment.

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The Pence punchline

As Indiana governor Mike Pence continues to defend his law that would allow businesses to discriminate against gay customers, his claim that the bill is not a “licence to discriminate” has struck several writers as a little ridiculous. The New Yorker humour column led with, “Indiana governor stunned by how many people seem to have gay friends,” while the Onion went with, “Indiana governor insists new law has nothing to do with thing it explicitly intended to do.”

How blogging almost killed Andrew Sullivan

Prolific blogging pioneer and conservative gay rights activist Andrew Sullivan, now in retirement, says the frantic pace of his work life nearly killed him. Sullivan’s blog, The Dish, was among the most successful subscriber-driven sites on the web until he shut it down earlier this year due to exhaustion.

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Chick-Fil-A rant costs executive everything

Adam Smith, the CFO of an Arizona medical device company, became famous when he posted a video of himself ranting at a Chick-Fil-A server about the company’s anti-gay policies. Then he lost his job, his career and his home to the social media backlash, falling from millionaire to destitute in one blow.

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American millenials surprisingly split on sex

According to research by American research group PRRI, US millenials have progressed on some attitudes towards sex, but remain remarkably split on others. While nearly half of millenials interviewed said they thought trans people face social stigma, and most accepted that using birth control was moral, about 40 percent thought that gay sex, casual sex and sex between teenagers was straight out wrong.

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