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Lesbian whose father offered $500 million for her speaks out

Everyone probably has an embarrassing story about parents meddling in their love lives, right? Someone’s mother got a little too pushy, or maybe your dad acted like a clueless cock-block, or maybe you dated a black guy and the first thing your mother asked was “How big is it?” (That last one might be mine. What? She was curious!)

Well, Gigi Chao has yours topped: not only did her richer-than-God father flatly refuse to believe that she was a lesbian in a committed relationship, he also offered a dowry of $500 million in Hong Kong dollars (roughly $65.5 million Canadian) to any man willing to take her. Recently, she opened up to Gay Star News about your dating prospects when you come with half a billion Hong Kong dollars to your name.

She described how George Clooney’s former body double offered to marry her, and how she was inundated with love letters from war veterans and even gay men.

One man wrote every day for five months describing his erotic fantasies about her, and a Mainland Chinese woman offered her own husband. 

For those of you wondering if her dad is bigoted or merely batshit crazy: it’s the second. Her dad is butt-nucking futs. 

Describing him as a ‘backseat flyer’ while they drive around in a helicopter, she said he often challenges her to land in the middle of a huge crowd of people.

She says: ‘I’ll be like, “No, Daddy, we really can’t do that.” And he’ll be all like, “Come on Gigi, it’s fine – just do it, do it!”’ 

So yeah, suffice to say the guy might just be a wee bit bonkers. But deep down, he probably really loves his daughter, even if he’s kind of oblivious to how she’d like him to express it. 

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