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Leslie and Davies out

Megan Leslie has removed herself from the
NDP leadership race but says she wants someone youthful and feminist to run in
her place. It sounds a lot like she wants someone just like her to run – just
not her. Meanwhile, Libby Davies says she’s not running, which means that Peggy Nash seems to be the woman left mulling the decision.

Over in the forgotten leadership race,
Maria Mourani is also throwing her hat in the ring for Bloc leader.

The Liberals, clever sorts that they are,
have introduced a “reasoned amendment” to the omnibus crime bill. Basically, it
deletes the whole thing and says not to proceed. Somehow I’m not sure that’ll
fly. Meanwhile, here is an analysis of what’s in and what’s not in the bill.

What’s that? Peter MacKay used military
search-and-rescue helicopters to shuttle him to a private salmon-fishing
retreat? You don’t say! More importantly, does this revelation mean that
certain members of the Canadian Forces were so brassed off that the
Conservatives sold out Natynczyk that this was payback?

Susan Delacourt muses about Harper's statement that “If it matters, measure it,” and what that means with the demise of the
long-form census.

There are two notable departures from the
Senate this week: Lowell Murray, the current dean of the Senate, who was appointed by
Joe Clark and is probably one of the most decent parliamentarians you will ever
meet. He was also the second-last remaining federal Progressive Conservative,
leaving Elaine McCoy to carry that torch. Also Vim Kochar, a Harper appointee
who no longer supports the things Harper wants to do to the Senate; he has had
a very interesting life in his own right.

And there’s another candidate for the
Liberal Party presidency: Mike Crawley.

Up today: It’s an early question period
because David Cameron, the prime minister of the UK, is in town and due to give
an address to a joint session of Parliament at 1730 tonight. Also, NYCOLE
TURMEL IS TAKING THE BUS TO WORK! The NDP sent out a press release to let us
know. Seriously.

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