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Let it all hang out!

As the great Morrissey once sang:

"Shyness is nice / but shyness can stop you / from doing all the things in life you'd like to."

How shy are you?  See where you fall on the following scale:


Latin pop singer Ricky Martin, telling a gossip magazine "his heart could belong to a male or female."  Oh Ricky.  We still love you after all these coy, sexually-ambiguous years but seriously — this is either the most protracted coming-out or the longest cock-tease in all of history.  Enough already!


In a sad case of "pot, kettle," Barack Obama's timid support for the gay community has him getting schooled by the creator of "Will & Grace!"  Obama is so empty right now that, during a discussion of his policies on CNN, my mind kept wandering to thoughts of Dustin Lance Black getting barebacked by Anderson Cooper on the desk (is it just me?):


An online ad for thongs that lets you "undress" the model.  When will these underwear companies just drop the pretense and start making porn?


Cher, responding to questions about her daughter's decision to transition and become a man: "Although I may not understand, I will strive to be understanding. The
one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child."  That's so lovely, I cried on behalf of Cher, since she no longer has tear ducts.


Me, reminding you of the fundraising party for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation at the Beaver tonight.  Shameless, perhaps, but for a good cause!  Besides, it's not as though I made a plug for my own fundraising efforts yet again, right?


Canada's own Ryan Reynolds — the only man I'd leave Paul Rudd for — isn't just frequently naked (though we'd love him just for that), he's also willing to be very silly, as in his 'Entertainment Weekly' cover shoot:


It's one thing to do a nude scene in a movie but how about on the subway?  While I'm not convinced the "half-outfit" truly is "sweeping through Asia," it's still fun to imagine zany pranksters going out like this:


Roland Emmerich, gay director of disaster epics "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow," finally throws any last shred of sanity or artistic integrity out the window with his end-of-the-world opus "2012."  This guy's movies are crap but we just keep lining up because dammit, no one does ludicrous spectacle better than this:

So remember, "fortune favours the bold" and have a great weekend!