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Let’s get Dripping Wet

UNDIE SWAP ANYONE? If you click on a pair of hotties of your choice, they'll obligingly strip off and swap their panties. Credit:

Falcon’s first Dripping Wet movie, released in 2006, was a co-promotion with underwear company Ginch Gonch.

Screeners were sent out with a free pair of sexy undies included, not to mention beach balls. All the models wore GG scants in every scene and every photo — before ripping them off to get to the contents, of course.

Now they’ve done it again, working together with /baskit/ brand, hence the typography of the movie’s name: /dripping wet/ 2. They even went the extra mile to create, a fun little mini-site with a silly but addictive gimmick to promote the movie.

All the models stand side by side in their /baskit/ ballhuggers, and if you click on the pair of your choice, they’ll obligingly strip off and swap their panties. There’s gotta be a fetish about that out there somewhere.

But how’s the movie?

Drenched in scorching sun and cooling water, surrounded by sunbeds and palm trees, it’s a summer treat of open-air sex.

One scene features Aden and Jordan Jaric, the monogamous, married porn couple who only film with each other. The sexy pair are as physically beautiful as ever, and it’s always hot to know that you’re watching real-life lovers fuck for you on screen. They each obviously know every inch of the other’s body intimately, and they know just what the other likes. The result is an erotic scene that works on a number of levels.

Heath Anthony is — for me at least — not the best-looking guy ever to get naked, but he knows what to do with Spencer Reed’s hefty dick, and in some interesting positions too. 

Elsewhere, baby-faced blond Jason Pitt is only too happy to get the attention of dark, jockish TJ Hawke; Hawke gives Pitt one mean blowjob under a waterfall.

Frolicking in the pool, Bobby Clark latches himself onto sexy bi-boy TJ Hawke and will not be denied, sucking like a Hoover. Then Turk Mason wanders in and takes over vacuuming duties.

The three of them play around with hoses, squirting water all over each other as they suck and fuck. I hope it was warm water.

All in all, I’d have to say I preferred the first movie — it had an irrepressible friskiness that I loved. You got the feeling the performers were just bouncing with eagerness, whether the cameras were running or not.

Not so much here. But it’s still a movie packed with delicious young men who love to play in the outdoors.

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