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LGBT tumblrs to watch in 2016

A collection of our favourite sex-happy blogs for time-wasting in the new year

If you’re looking to procrastinate and get caught in a sex-positive, Alice in Wonderland–inspired tumblr hole, you’re in luck. We must confess these are a little skewed to our personal interests which include sexy men, LGBT news, ridiculous memes, laugh out loud social media mistakes and vintage porn, but here’s hoping it’s enough for you, our readers, to get lost in.  

Accidental Bear

San Francisco’s Mike Enders (his directionless “comedy” videos aside) has curated a wonderful site primarily targeted towards the G in the LGBT acronym. It has links to beautiful photography, think pieces, funny videos, fashion and really sexy men. Definitely NSFW.

Benji’s Closet

This tumblr is a great resource for a lot of international LGBT news as well as great video pieces and literature recommendations. It skews in particular to trans news. The site links to great articles about how politics, world leaders and the political landscape are affecting LGBT rights and policy. They even have a support forum to assist LGBT youth.  

Fuck Yeah Drag Race

It seems that 2016 will bring us two seasons of everyone’s drag filled guilty pleasure (Season 8 and All Stars Season 2) — until then if you want to find gifs and memes of your fave Alyssa’s Secret or keep up with the true queens of reality TV this is your go-to place.

Bureau du Roi

Toronto recently lost former Buddies in Bad Times artistic director Brendan Healy to the city of Dallas where he is doing a masters degree. Luckily we still have his tumblr full of beautiful vintage porn and photography. Definitely NSFW.

Billy Eichner

Openly gay comedian Billy Eichner is arguably one of America’s breakout comedic stars of 2015 as the man with the mic on his own ridiculous Billy on the Street and Hulu’s spectacular and underrated Difficult People. If you don’t believe it, watch him take Julianne Moore around Times Square to perform her iconic film monologues for tips or lead Rachel Dratch through an escape-from-Scientology obstacle course. All videos and further comedic brilliance can be found on his tumblr.

Grindr Lulz

Most users of the popular app have had a ridiculous Grindr interaction or two since its launch in 2009. Here is a site with incredibly funny interactions that make you question how people’s brains allow them to function in their lives. “Mom Reads Son’s Grindr Messages” is a personal fave video of mine.  

Colby Does America

Lovable porn star and art enthusiast Colby Keller is currently on his 50-state pilgrimage of America (and eventually Canada). His journey is equal parts photographic essay, art film and hardcore porn. There are worse ways to ask people to crowd-fund your cross-country sexcapades and state by state adventures. The Arizona scenes are particular scenic. NSFW.

Muscle Dads & Frat Boys

Are you a fan? Do you want a site with a great collection of videos featuring said men? Look no further. Very much NSFW.

(Check out a few more other gay porn tumblr beauties we’re also fans of.)


A woman-focused Tumblr page with loads of photography, essays and poetry of the lesbian variety.

LGBT Laughs

Comedic outlooks on queer life, gender identity and gay sex. Slightly nerdy, but frequently updated and lighthearted.

Leather Archives and Museum

Tumblr page for the world-renowned leather archives and museum in Chicago. Lots of kink, BDSM, illustrations, photos, archive documents and all-around sex positive content.

Let’s hump each other, shall we?

A self-described “pansexual from France” runs this Tumblr for bisexual folks. Lots of photos and gifs for those who prefer all kinds of X-rated romps with all sexes and genders.

Reality Gifs

For those individuals and gay boys who want to only have iMessage conversations featuring only gifs, here comes your new best friend. If you are a fan of the Real Housewives of any incarnation – there is a gif that will meet your fancy. GIF content creator T Kyle Mac has created a pretty epic site featuring the best moments of reality TV.  

Gay Sex Times

Our very own Tumblr page! This is a spot you’ll find some of our racier content, X-rated videos and images and well as links to our more male-homo-sex-driven articles. Proudly NSFW.