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Libby Davies mulling the leadership

Libby Davies says she’s open to an NDP leadership bid. If she were successful – and there are the hurdles of French and
some of her previous positions on Israel’s borders to consider – it would make
her the first openly lesbian federal party leader in Canadian history.

Prime Minister Harper says we’ll be involved in the Libya mission until the end. Seeing as further airstrikes seem
to be a more remote possibility, that role may be coming to an end functionally.

A Liberal MP finds it curious that EI
call centres are being closed and amalgamated except for those in certain
Conservative ridings.

The chief of defence staff says he supports the report calling for a billion dollars in savings at DND, but he also
says that many of the necessary decisions need to come from government, not his

Kady O’Malley looks at private members' motions past – from when the Conservatives were in opposition.

And the CBC catches up with Ruth Ellen
Brosseau, who has been golfing, practising her French, and becoming a
brunette to try to up her credibility.

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