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Libby Davies talks about her bill reaching report stage

With Bill C-304, NDP MP Libby Davies’ Private Members’ Bill on a national housing strategy, coming up for debate in the House tomorrow, I caught up with Davies after Question Period today to find out more about just where it’s at.

Q: It’s coming up at report stage tomorrow – what does that mean?
A: It’s two hours of debate for report stage and third reading. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. There was a rally today on the Hill – there’s been tremendous campaigning and lobbying for the bill, unbelievable support from across the country. I’m hoping that the message is getting through to individual MPs that this bill is very non-partisan and it’s very worthy of support.

Q: Remind me – there were amendments that didn’t go through because they were challenged?
A: There was an amendment that was approved in committee that was challenged by Conservatives in the House, and the Speaker ruled the amendment out of order.

Q: How does that figure into report stage?
A: It’s not there.

Q: I know the Bloc was hesitant to support it because the amendment didn’t go through. Have you heard any other signs from them?
A: I think that a lot of housing groups in Quebec have been talking to the Bloc, so again I’m very hopeful that the Bloc has been listening to what people in Quebec are saying about this bill, and how they want to see it supported. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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