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Libby Davies talks about the upcoming election

Moving along with our roundup of gay MPs before the government fell, I caught up with Libby Davies after question period yesterday.

Q: Are you ready to go?
A: Yeah. We’ve got a good operation in East Van, and we’ve secured our campaign office and things are ready to go.

Q: What about unfinished business? You had a housing bill that didn’t get through.
A: I feel very disappointed about that. We’ve come the closest that we’ve ever come to getting through a national housing program. The fact that we’ve had several votes now in the House of Commons on that bill, and it’s very clear that a majority of members of Parliament support the bill and a national housing program to me is a very clear affirmation of the importance of this issue, and the fact that people understand politically that this has to happen. We’ve made great progress, and when we come back, I’ll put it in again.

Q: What’s your sense of your competition?
A: I know who’s running against me for the Conservatives – the candidate’s been announced for several months, but we still don’t know who the Liberal candidate is, nor the Green Party candidate, so we’re still waiting to find out.
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