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Libby Davies updates us on the status of her bill

With only a couple of days left in the fall sitting, Libby Davies' housing bill is making its way through the Human Resources committee. I spoke with her after Question Period today.

Q: How’s your bill doing?
A: We were at committee yesterday for Bill C-304, and we got through a number of the clauses. We’ve still got a couple more to go, and it will be back at committee tomorrow, so I think it will be reported back to the House on Friday, which means it will come back for report stage and Third Reading when we come back in the New Year. It was tough going yesterday because there’s one amendment dealing with the jurisdiction in Quebec, which the government feels is very contentious, so we debated that actually for an hour. But so far so good, and I really want to thank everybody. The support for this bill has been quite incredible across this country. People writing to their MPs and contacting their MPs has really been a big help. I feel like we’re still making progress, we’re going to keep pressing it, and hope that we can get this bill through – finally.

Q: What are your plans for the break?
A: I’m heading back to Vancouver. My schedule is already chock-a-block full. I’m going to rallies, and meetings, and vigils, and constituency activities. We’re having a big open house on Monday that we’re expecting quite a few people – we’ll have entertainment and door prizes. We’ve got lots to keep us busy. We will take a break between Christmas and New Years, and then back at it in January. I’ve got lots to keep me going.
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