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Life Ball drama! Sharon Needles’s Hitler comment gets her banned

The biggest AIDS fundraiser of the year, the Life Ball, was held in Vienna this weekend with an Arabian Nights theme, and Elton John, Bill Clinton, Kelly Osbourne, Fergie and Amanda Lepore were all in attendance.  

Sharon Needles was scheduled to perform during the weekend and enjoyed a party-fuelled plane ride over the Atlantic with performers, press, DJs and stars, including Carmen Electra, Barbara Eden and Greg Louganis. But Sharon never made it to her performance. She was banned from partaking in the event when she got off the plane, landing straight on the red carpet, and in front of reporters and photographers said she was happy to be in Vienna, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. 

Life Ball founder Gary Keszler overheard and wasn't impressed. Sharon was sent back to the US and upon entry said, “They can appropriate Middle Eastern costumes for their party, but I get banned for giving them a history lesson? This is my country, where I can say whatever I want.”

I don't think the Hitler line was exactly necessary, but I hardly think it deserved to get her banned. It's not like she said she was pro-Hitler; she was just stating a fact in an irreverent-messy-drunk-drag-queen kinda way, and, well, not that it's relevant to the Life Ball, but Vienna is the birthplace of Hitler . . .

Some managed to save the drama for the stage, like Adam Lambert, who debuted "Love Wins over Glamour" in full turban-and-bindis glory: