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Life goes on while crews tear up Bank St

Construction deepens

GOIN’ DOWN. City crews dug more than eight feet into the street, revealing Centretown’s ailing infrastructure.

ROAD BLOCKS. Since Jun 9, Bank St between Laurier St and the Somerset St has been closed. The pavement has been peeled back, but pedestrians can still get around.

HUSTLE AND BUSTLE. Construction didn’t stop attendees of the crowded but popular Pink Triangle Youth, which operates out of 251 Bank St every Wednesday night.

UNWINDING. The highrises in Centretown are home to many of the city’s gay residents, including John Fritz.

FRESH AIR. Rob Salter sits on a balcony near Bank St during the construction.

BELOVED BOOKSELLER. It’s business as usual for David Rimmer of After Stonewall (370 Bank St), whose bookstore is located just two blocks from the roadwork.

SOMETHING TO WATCH. During the June heat, construction workers shed their shirts. Expect to see more skin before summer’s out.

CAGEY. Crews put up metal fencing along the length of Bank St from Laurier to Somerset, but have so far been able to allow traffic to cross at the intersections of Gloucester, Nepean, Lisgar and Cooper.

DEEP THOUGHTS. Pink Triangle Youth organizers Kiel Harris and Kayla Millerwork write on a whiteboard at the Pink Triangle Services office.

HOME BASE. Shelley Melanson pauses to look out a window. The area around Bank St is brimming with young, hip, university-aged people.

Photos by Paul Galipeau.