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Life is good

Stacey Ando was born with carpet fibres in her teeth

Credit: TJ Ngan

Michael Venus: So, my dear, what is it you do for work exactly?

Stacey Ando: I am a film agent at Canada’s only national full-service film and television agency. We represent actors for film and television and are a sister company to a music booking agency.

MV: How did you get into the film biz and how long have you been doing it?

SA: Bored silly with my previous job, that being a casino floor inspector, I decided to volunteer at the agency to see if film was up my alley. And, voilà, I have been here for nine years.

MV: What are the perks and downfalls of your job?

SA: Meeting people who are vision driven and looking at beautiful people, day in and day out (they are always flowing through our agency), and the comp tickets to film and theatre events.

Downside: hmm, honestly, as with any job there are people that can make for a long day. Well, actually, the people who find out that you work in film and then try to get you to see one or all of their relatives! Hahaha!

MV: Tell me about your love life.

SA: I am involved with a wonderful woman (that hottie on the Xtra West Pride issue) with whom I have been for 41 months now! Now I know you are thinking ’41 months!’ but we actually take time out each month to acknowledge our time spent together so that it never is taken for granted. Some people say we are too mushy (I can hear toilets flushing all over the West End right now). We say take time to enjoy each other and celebrate yourselves.

MV: Are you a top or a bottom and what are your major turn-ons?

SA: I don’t like to limit myself in life or in bed, so I am open to all the possibilities. The things that turn me on most are intellect, kindness and openness, followed closely by small breasts. But if anyone has any top/bottom suggestions that may have slipped by me, please let me know.

MV: What is your favourite Canadian production?

SA: Hockey Night in Canada for sure, bar none!

MV: Who is your favourite Canadian actor and actress?

SA: Favourite actresses? So many: Molly Parker, Gabrielle Rose and Crystal Buble. For the men: Jay Brazeau, Fred Ewanuick, Evan Adams and Benjamin Ratner. And too many others to list.

MV: Is the film industry becoming more equal for women and gays and lesbians? Or is it still hush-hush and mostly straight white males?

SA: Equal? No, I wouldn’t say that. There is definitely a shift; I find in television there has been the most movement but I have to say even on the show Will & Grace, Will’s character is made to be more heterosexual then homosexual. I mean when do we see Will or Jack on dates that truly represent gay dating? Where’s the passion when they meet a special someone or where’s the affection? The emotions from the characters seem controlled and not free in terms of expression, yet with Grace, she seems to be his world and the only one he kisses on a regular basis. In film, we still see characters that were once gay/lesbian in the script changed to safely heterosexual after test screenings.

MV: What is in the future for Hollywood North?

SA: My conservative guess would be billions upon billions! Seriously, we have some of the most talented actors and actresses in the world with more and more being discovered daily, and the hardest working crews who are very highly regarded south of the border and worldwide. So, I think, on reputation alone, we have a bright future ahead of us.

MV: What is your fave lesbian film?

SA: The Hunger: who can forget that one? Boys Don’t Cry, GIA , High Art, Aimee and Jaguar, Lost and Delirious (it’s about those girls in skirts and shirts) and one that I have not seen but is destined to be a favourite, I’m sure, is the adaptation of Sarah Waters’ book for the BBC, Tipping The Velvet. Oh Kitty, oh Nan.

MV: Are you always ready to carpet munch?

SA: Ready? I was born with carpet fibres in my teeth!

MV: Anything else you wanna get off your chest (other than your shirt and bra)?

SA: Life is good, stick to the positive.