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Lighting the way

How the fixtures you choose can change your outlook

As summer turns to fall and daylight fades, the shorter days can be depressing. But, even as we yearn for sunlight, there’s a remedy for the winter blues.

“Brilliant, fresh, stylish lighting helps keep things a little more vibrant,” says Courtney Gladstone of Royal Lighting.

Strolling through the Toronto showroom, Gladstone is regularly dazzled by the range of options, from grand ceiling fixtures to teeny table lamps. Here are her picks for all your rooms:
Ideal for a kitchen, living room or dining room, this chrome fixture is an updated take on the classic chandelier, with white shades to suit a more casual space. “I’ve seen it hung in a smaller size above a tub to dress up the bathroom, and it also looked unbelievable in one customer’s home over a grand piano,” says Gladstone. Compared to traditional chandeliers, with their dangling prisms, caring for this piece is simple, since the crystal accents, inspired by vintage perfume bottles, can be easily wiped down.

Industrial meets chic in this polished nickel pendant fixture. Ideal for a kitchen, hung as a series over an island or table, the piece makes a statement. Inspired by a warehouse, the gleaming finish makes it versatile for a range of décor styles, from rustic to ultramodern. “It looks great with polished or brushed nickel hardware in your kitchen,” Gladstone says. “And it looks gorgeous against both light and dark cabinets.” It is available in various sizes and also comes in bronze.

Of all the store’s fixtures, Gladstone sees the biggest disagreements between couples selecting ceiling fans. “A lot of people hate the look of them, and it’s usually one spouse that persuades the other to buy one,” she says. “But once they feel the breeze or fresher air, customers often return for more throughout a home.” This fan’s clean, integrated lighting design and simple blades are often a happy compromise. Suited for any room in your home, it looks great in a cottage or kitchen paired with coordinating pendant lights elsewhere in the space.
If you’re tight on space but desperate for a reading light, these wide-shaded cantilever lamps have simple bases that reduce clutter on your floor or table top. “The floor lamp is ideal for living rooms because it spans the length of your sofa and can be adjusted in height and side to side,” Gladstone says. The oatmeal shades and modest design, available in both burnished copper and brushed nickel, don’t distract from other focal points in a space.

All pieces are made by Kichler Lighting.
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