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Like daughter, Like mothers

One of the longest-standing arguments against gay marriage is the notion that gay parents are somehow worse than straight ones, to the point where it would somehow be better for a child to bounce around in foster care than to have two loving same-sex parents to provide a loving home. Selfish homo bastards, trying to give kids a good life . . .

In a UCLA study published in the Journal of Homosexuality (we have our own journal now? Sweet!) a sample group of 78 kids raised by lesbian parents seems to prove that, if anything, kids are WAY better off with lesbian parents than straight ones.

The study found that students raised by lesbian moms had varied academic interests, with the most popular subjects being English and math, and participated in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, volunteer work, and the arts. Teenagers raised by lesbian mothers in the study boasted average grade point averages between an A-minus and B-plus, and nearly all of them had aspirations to attend college, and half anticipated professional careers after graduation. The study also concluded that children raised from birth by lesbian mothers were no more or less likely to identify as LGBT themselves, and while most attended schools with supportive gay-straight alliances, only a third participated. [Source]

In all fairness, I have yet to meet a lesbian that doesn’t have a total type-A personality; of course any kid raised by two lesbians would be perfect in every way. Are you kidding? Imagine being raised by two versions of your mother. See what I mean? I’m amazed those kids can’t move inanimate objects with their minds at this point. 

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