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Lil B talks about AIDS, Halifax talks about gambling

You may not know his music, but if you follow queer news, then you have probably heard about Lil B. Why? Because the San Francisco rapper released an album called I’m Gay this summer. Subtitled I’m Happy, the rapper doesn’t identify as queer but does believe in fostering discussions about sexuality and identity within hip hop. Unfortunately, most of the dialogue around the album was focused on how Lil B received death threats because of its title.

Now, Lil B is focusing on another area that he wants people to talk about. This time it’s HIV and AIDS. He has released a new single called “I Got AIDS,” which calls to its audience to get tested. 


This Wednesday there will be a discussion held at the Halifax infirmary discussing the results of a recent survey on gambling in the queer community. The event is put on by Out Alive. The information was culled from an online survey that took place between May 22 and August 31, as well as through in-person surveys done at Pride events in Halifax and Sydney.

You can find more information on the Facebook event page.

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