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Linsanity helps one gay Asian blogger get laid

Justin Huang apparently owes Jeremy Lin a bit of thanks, or at the very least, a high-five.

It seems that with the recent surge in Linsanity, this particular blogger feels that interest in the 6’3” player has fostered a certain type of interest in gay men. Sexual interest.

In a recent post on his I Am Yellow Peril blog, Huang tells how his social life seems to have gained a boost in recent times. Why? Because as Huang writes, “Linsanity could very well redefine the Asian American man as a sexually acknowledged being.” People tend to notice tall, handsome, athletically gifted men. Whether that is your particular cup of tea or not is a different thing, but it’s hard to deny that it is noticeable. And arguably very sexy. Huang writes:

We’re hardwired to desire the likeness of success; it’s a remnant of
our primordial survival skills mixed with pop culture. It’s why I have
a huge crush on my neighbor who looks just like Ewan McGregor, because
I associate his face with that of my favorite movie star. And it’s why
Tim (the aforementioned pretty boy) suddenly was made aware of my
sexual potential as a mate. He’s now been given context in the muscled
form of an NBA superstar.

In this sense, Linsanity applies not just to me, but to all Asian
men, regardless on where they fall on the sexual orientation spectrum.
You see, blonde twinks have David Beckham, and we have Jeremy Lin.

Does that mean that potbellied, bearded white guys have Zach Galifianakis?

Glad I’m not single, or I don’t think I’d get laid very much.


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