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Lipstick Homicide plants a dyke kiss on Ottawa

Lesbian-fronted Iowa band set for Canadian debut

Guitarist and vocalist Kate Kane describes Lipstick Homicide's sound as "happy, poppy punk and very hard rocking." Credit: Source: Myspace

You may not find any lipstick lesbians at this month’s Ottawa Explosion music festival.

However, rock fans looking to pucker up for some peppy punk can catch Iowa natives Lipstick Homicide when the band plays its first ever Canadian show June 16 at Club SAW.
Bassist and vocalist Rachel Feldman, guitarist and vocalist Kate Kane and percussionist Luke Ferguson met while attending high school in the tiny town of Coralville, an Iowa City suburb.
When Canadians think of Iowa, “punk” may not be the first word that comes to mind, but Feldman assures there are plenty of hard rockers in the state known as America’s heartland. You just have to look for them.
The members of Lipstick Homicide didn’t have to look very hard to find each other; they were drawn together by their mutual love of The Ramones and Green Day. The talented threesome released their first full-length album, Isn’t It Glorious?, in 2009.
An EP and a split LP with New Hampshire band Billy Raygun followed the initial release, and the trio is currently working on a second full-length collection. In addition, another split LP, this time with Minnesotan band The Turkletons, is due out later this year.
Feldman and Kane both identify as gay and say that although their orientation somewhat influences their lyrics, their sexuality has never been a hindrance to their musical careers.
“We’ve been lucky enough to have not yet come across any kind of firsthand bigotry or discrimination towards our band that I’m aware of,” Feldman says. “Definitely not here in Iowa or any of the punk rock scenes or communities we’ve visited.”
Lipstick Homicide has yet to visit Canada; in fact, their show at Ottawa Explosion will essentially pop their international cherry. The girls say they are excited to experience this milestone.

Feldman says she’s already met several courteous Canucks.

“We have had the opportunity to get to know a few Canadians at shows here and there. Everyone we’ve met so far has been extremely kind and in an awesome band. A lot of my favourite bands right now are from Canada.”
If you’d like to sample Lipstick Homicide’s sound in anticipation of their Ottawa show, you can listen to their frenzied and fun tracks free of charge on the band’s blog.

“We play as hard as we can,” Feldman says.

Lipstick Homicide
Ottawa Explosion 2012
Saturday, June 16, 12 noon
Club SAW, 67 Nicholas St